When in Osan…

…do as the Osan-ians do! And apparently that means being friendly and helpful. We Canadians, with our polite sentiment, may feel more at home here than stereotypes and quick suggestions originally suggested.

Our first experience in Korea (and of course every person’s experience will be different) was with a wonderful Korean woman that we met on the plane from Vancouver. She very gratefully offered to help us buy our bus tickets to Osan and pointed out where the correct bus would arrive. Yesterday, while looking bewildered at the sheer amount of different kinds of rice to choose from an Ajumma (older woman) came up and motioned that the kind we held was no good and to go with the one she pointed to instead. We communicated through sign and presumption but my partner and I went away feeling we had been fortunate enough to have had someone come by and help the out of place foreigners.

Less than a week in and we have already had so many exciting experiences and wonderful surprises. We hope to share with you even just a small amount.


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