Things that rock!

There are LOTS of things that rock about Korea, but here are a few that come to mind in these first few days…

1. 온돌 Ondol (in floor heating): I was excited for this feature before we arrived. I am always cold, especially my feet, so it seemed a perfect fit. I had forgotten all about it until we arrived at our hotel the first night, stepped out of our shoes and ahhhhh! So nice on the tired toes.

2. In-suite washer: I know that this is not specific to Korea or even this part of the world but coming from numerous apartments with per floor communal washing machines, this is great! Interestingly, however, there are no dryers. Great for the environment and do we really need to have a machine to warm and dry our clothes? We did miss it for our towels however, as those took two days to dry…


You may notice that the stove top is actually above the washer. Ovens are rare in homes in South Korea and the stove only has two burners. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why there are so many cold side dishes to a Korean meal.

3. 반찬 Banchan (side dishes): with meals at a sit down Korean restaurant comes a variety of small dishes of food. Common varieties include Kimchi, sprouts, and egg dishes.  More on this later as we have yet to experience it to a full extent!

4. 김치 Kimchi!: this fermented cabbage dish is one of the icons of Korean cuisine. It is eaten with every meal and uses the commonly used condiment고추장 gochujang (red pepper paste). Made from red chilis and other ingredients it is spicy but mildly sweet .  There are hundreds of varieties, some of which do not use cabbage at all but other vegetables instead.



3 thoughts on “Things that rock!

  1. Love the idea of you telling us what the item is in Korean as well as what it looks like in their alphabet. xo Mum

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