Korean Words of the Week: Restaurant Words and Phrases

Last Friday we went out for Korean BBQ where you cook the meat directly at the table, place in a lettuce leaf and top with things like onions and kimchi. Thursday, we went to a small restaurant for (not quite fast food but) faster (?) food. Sandy had something that looked and tasted quite similar to a pork schnitzel and I had a soup with noodles and dumplings. Here are some words and phrases we used.

The essential phrases:

I would like a ____ please.                          ____ 주세요                     ____ ju se yo

Thank you.                                                          감사합니다                       kam-sa-ham-ni-da

That was delicious!                                          맛있었어요              ma-shiss-oss-o-yo


Koreans use chopsticks for things like meat and kimchi but a spoon for soups and rice.

Useful knowledge:

Chopsticks                                                          젓가락                    chok-ka-rak

Spoon                                                                     (could not find)                    suk-ka-rak

Friday, we went out for 닭갈비 Dak Galbi, or chicken, red chili paste sauce and veggie dish. So delicious!!! They bring it almost ready to eat to your table and then you let it sit on a big burner for a bit bubbling away. We were warned it would be spicy but it is so hot (temperature wise) that you eat it quite slow so the spicyness doesn’t build too much. Really, really delicious.

Yum, yum, Korean food!


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