How things are really just the same –Korean pub food edition

The director of our hogwan had some real words of wisdom for us the first day we arrived in Osan. ‘At first, everything seems really different, but soon you will realise, everything is really just the same’. It is so true! Tonight we had some 안주 (anju) – Korean food served with alcohol. Some bars have the policy that if you want to drink, you must also buy some anju. Fine with me, I like snacking anyways!

What were the dishes? Essentially, chips, fried chicken, and poutine-ish dish (instead of fries, cheese and gravy there was potatoes, chicken and cheese with a thick somewhat spicy sauce)! All tasty too.

We saw these mini kegs that were excessively tall! Like, I am going to tip over if you bump the table tall – like 3 feet! Seriously, seems to me simply a tipping hazard.

Speaking of tipping, but in this case, the tipping your server kind, there is no tipping in Korea and taxes are always included in the posted price so what you see is what you pay. Nice and easy for those less inclined in math (I am thinking of you and me D!)


5 thoughts on “How things are really just the same –Korean pub food edition

  1. Well, we tried their traditional rice wine called 막걸리 makgeolli. It was very good with the hot food as it has a soothing quality! its smooth and tastes sweet but is still kind of hearty. (I think it kinda tasted like a snakebite — beer and strongbow)

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