Korean Hogwans

We work as teachers for an English Language 학원 Hogwan – or private after school education centre. Students are required to pay tuition and receive education in English from English speaking Koreans and Foreigners.  The work done at the Hogwan is supposed to supplement what the kids learn in public schools. My partner and I teach kids between the ages of 5 and 7 in the morning and early afternoon and then older kids, 8-12, in the afternoon/early evening.  The kids are at all sorts of levels of English and so they take screening tests to determine their placement.

The day in the life of the youngest kids, whom stay for the entirety of 9:00 am – 2:00 am, includes taking a variety of classes including grammar, reading etc. They also take less specific language focused classes like gym, art and science but which are all conducted in English allowing for better vocabulary development. The kids are provided with milk for a morning break, and lunch. There is a playroom for the 5 min breaks between classes and during lunch break. The classes are 45 min long.

The older kids don’t have quite as much fun, unfortunately (who doesn’t want to play in a room full of toys and climbing equipment every day?). These kids generally only come for 2 hours at a time and therefore take more focused classes on English and its logistics. Our hogwan has 4 teachers teaching the kids in the morning and 12 teaching in the evening. The classes are 55 min long .

We have long days and see approximately 50 students a day. Its nice that the classes have a fairly low number of students in each so we can work one on one.

If you have any questions about our job, let us know!


2 thoughts on “Korean Hogwans

  1. Every time you say “hogwan” I’m going to pretend you said ‘Hogwarts” and imagine you two are teaching magic to Korean children… best job ever.

  2. Yes! I would teach an invincibility spell they would put them into a little bubble that would ward off harm. They are so darn sweet and the drivers of the cars, buses, and motorcycles here are very intense!
    From now on I may be spelling ‘hogwan’ but I’ll be thinking ‘hogwarts’. I dont know whether to thank you for turning all those future mundane moments into a Harry Potter moments, or to shake my fist at you, anticipating that those moments will inevitably end up ruining those books for me…. 😉

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