Saturday in Seoul – Part II: Myeong-Dong Shopping District

Mid-afternoon, we took the subway into Myeong-dong district. It is a pretty big spot for tourism. There are many, many stores. Some from North America and Europe as well as Korean and Asia at large. There are some stores that have 2 or 3 locations in Myeong-dong.

It was busy with people but we were there in the late afternoon and I read that it doesn’t really get busy there until the evening. Next time, perhaps we go at night just to experience it all.

There are stores on either side of a walking street (though, some cars do squeeze their way through). There are stalls set up in the middle as well selling things like socks, cell phone cases and pants. Here and there women are making food on small stoves as well as larger food vendors. It smells good and there is so much to look at!

There are lots of different restaurants there as well, so we stopped for an early dinner at a German restaurant. Well, what we thought was German. It turned out to be a German-North American-Korean fusion place. It was interesting to have grilled dried cuttle fish on one side of the table and a Cajun chicken salad on the other.

After exploring a bit we took the train into Seoul station so that we could take the KTX (high speed train that runs the length of the country). Earlier in the day, we had had to stand on our subway trips as all the seats were taken. That and walking around Myeong-dong, we were interested in taking a train where our seats were assured.

Seoul Station feels a lot like an airport. It even looks like one. We found our way to the ticket counter and purchased two tickets for about $9 in total. It was a very nice surprise for the tickets to be so reasonable. While we had to wait about an hour (which we did at a place called “Chicken and Beer” btw) the seats were fantastically comfortable and it really cut down our trip to about 25 min. We decided that if/when we go to see Busan, which is in the South Eastern corner of Korea, we would take the KTX during the day and try to see what the country looks like from a train’s eye view. Much better than via airplane, I would think!

We took the train into Suwon, which is the closest stop to Osan, and then took the regular subway the rest of the way home. I think in total we didn’t spend even $20 on transportation, nor any money for entrance to the museum, walking around Myeong-dong was free and food prices were decent (though overpriced compared to Osan). Good day!

Oh, and I also bought a wonderfully bright pair of Purple shoes for $40 CAD. Good day, indeed!


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