How things are really just the same – Korean pizza edition

Sandy and I, in Edmonton, would treat ourselves to pizza on an almost weekly basis so it wasn’t a surprise that a craving for pizza came early in our adventure in Osan. (Plus, we lived across the street from a Dominos, and down the block from a Pizza Hut). Here is what it looked like:



With a nice little ribbon, it came with a garlic-y mayo type sauce, some hot sauce, and what I expected would be dill pickle pizza dip (mmmm) but turned out to be some sweet pickles (meh).

Here is what it looked like:


Looks good right!?


You can see some good looking cheese, some broccoli, beef, potato and some olives. There seemed to be some pizza sauce as well as a red pepper sauce. Corn is a popular topping but did not grace our pizza this time.

The verdict: Good!

It wasn’t the best pizza ever, but it was enough for our craving. Since then, we have tried a sweet potato pizza from our grocery store’s little pizza place; it was a potato pizza with a sweet sauce drizzled on top. It was pretty good too. I think we will have to go all out and get some corn on our next pizza!


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