Saturday in 송탄 Songtan

Known for its army bases and high American presence, we were curious as to what we would see in Songtan. Just two stops away on the subway, it was a quick trip. With a few friends, we spent some time in the area close to the main gate of the American base and found most signs to be English, many shops to cater to what I assume are the presumed interests of Americans (like jersey stores and motorcycle jackets)and many, many bars.

That area of town was… well… quite unappealing (the word skuzzy comes to mind, actually). Of course, we didn’t see any of the other areas of town, and according to Wikipedia, there is a Buddhist hall and some hiking trails that look much more interesting and appealing.

Well, enough tip-toeing around our opinions. It is quite unlikely that we will head back to Songtan anytime soon. There are still sooooo many places we want to see!

As an aside, on our way home we saw some stairs that were quite frightening! They were very steep. I think a slinky would go flying off these bad boys.

This photo does not do it justice. You may be interested to notice that the railing is a rope. Clip in for your safety.


One thought on “Saturday in 송탄 Songtan

  1. Hi Brett (Sandy), Your mom just told me about the blog that you and Tracy are doing about your experiences in Korea. I have read a few of them already and I am looking forward to reading the rest. I’m going to enjoy following your adventures on-line. I hope all your experiences are good ones.


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