Saturday in 강남구 Gangnam

Sorry for the delay in posting! Hope to make it up this weekend!! For now, here is a peak at what we did last weekend!

Saturday we headed into Seoul, this time taking the bus. It was approximately 45 minutes, and this time we were able to sit. The view wasn’t anything too special but there were a couple of girls inside the bus that seemed to think the view inside the bus was pretty great. Sandy and I both heard someone’s camera phone clicking away and were confused as to what they could possibly be taking pictures of. Turns out, it was Sandy! Mr. Handsome had a couple of admirers!

After running away from that debacle, we found ourselves in Gangnam, an affluent financial district in Seoul that has plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment to choose from.

But before we were to take in Gangnam, we had other plans in mind. We hopped on the subway and headed to the National Assembly building. We were not, however, interested in politics. Behind the building there is a road famous for cherry trees and we wanted to see the cherry blossoms. Understand that it was last weekend that Seoul held their blossom festival and it had rained and we had heard that probably, all the blossoms would have been knocked off the trees by the rain. But I had really been looking forward to seeing the trees so we decided to check it out, maybe there were some left! This is what we found.


There is the famous road and there are the trees… and there is the lack of blossoms….

We did find ONE tree with blossoms though!


That will have to satiate the need until next year.

Next up: Sunday in Gangnam


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