Food Finds!

Ate some delicious food this weekend! Here is some of it.

Mmm mmm mmm! This ice, ice cream, blueberry, cheese, red bean and wine flavouring treat makes for a great summer treat. Irony being that it was dark and rainy when we had it! These are offered at the many, many coffee shops you come across as well as fast food places like Lotteria and Burger King. I think this will be a great alternative to Macs’ slushies in the summer.

Korean pizza, as I have heard it been called, is awesome! It has onions, hot peppers, squid, and carrot in savory pancake batter. You break it apart by using your chopsticks like knives and slide them across the pizza from one side to the other. Delicious!

This was an interesting street food find. (He looks unimpressed, but he did like it!)You find many many tents with food set up along walking streets and near the subway stations. This bite sized snack caught Sandy’s eyes and nose while we were walking around Seoul. It was a sweet cake/bread with an egg (with a noticeably large yolk) broiled on top. Tasty and another example of how some of the ingredients we keep strictly savoury in Canada are combined with sweet here.

And here is some 닭갈비 dak galbi, a favourite dish of mine, at the beginning of the simmering process. They bring the chicken, red pepper sauce, cabbage, sweet potato and tteok (a chewy rice cake that is kind of similar to very thick pasta) uncooked and it simmers away on the table oven until it is ready! Quite spicy, but amazing!!

Check out this wikipedia entry for a picture of the completed dish.

That’s it for now!


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