Around Osan

This weekend we went back to 물향기 수목원 The Mulhyanggi Arboretum to check out what it looked like in the summer. This time time we were able to appreciate the outdoors a little more whereas last time we spent a lot of time in the green houses. It was as gorgeous as we expected.


Busan Part II: 해운대 Haeundae Beach

Once we arrived we headed for Haeundae, the busy tourist-y beach area famous in Busan. We figured, why not do as many do and go the tourist route. We had a cute place close to the beach, and what a beach it was. It was the weekend after the long weekend so there were some residual events going on. There were huge sand sculptures and people were everywhere.

Apparently, in the hottest summer months the beach is crowded with thousands of people at a time. It was too busy for our liking even then and it was not yet peak season!

It was hot! So, we decided to head indoors and go to the Busan Aquarium.

Your introduction to the place is going down a long escalator into a deep building under the beach. You go through a cool tunnel that really gives the sense of venturing down into the sea. We saw lots of great animals!

In one massive tank there were a number of sharks swimming around but there was one that was accompanied by a school of fish. I know that some sharks have symbiotic relationships with fish and was interested to see it! Interestingly, (perhaps suspiciously?) there were 3 of this type of shark in the tank and only one of them had many small friends. Perhaps she/he was just a little bit friendlier and less inclined for an occasional uncalled for snack?

The aquarium had just acquired two baby belugas. Ridiculously cute!! I didn’t get any pictures because, to be honest, the size of the tank was very sad and small. But trust me, they are one of the cutest animals I have ever seen!

A good time was had! Up next: food and festivities!