Our trip to 広島市 Hiroshima, Japan

We were lucky to have the chance to check out Japan during our very short, but very needed, summer vacation. We decided to go to Hiroshima.

Before we get to the particulars of how wonderful the city was, I wanted to tell you some of our lasting impressions.

Hiroshima’s air is clean and the sky is blue!

Living so close to Seoul and getting pollution from China means Osan can be a bit grey. Sometimes, a lot grey. But in Hiroshima, with the ocean right there and Tokyo and other large cities far away, the air is so nice and clean! We were delighted to see the blue skies after the vividness stopped burning our corneas.

Hiroshima is soooo clean

Now, Canada is really clean too so I think if you headed straight to Japan from there you would not be as impressed as we were. See, Korea, wonderful as it is, is not very clean. While they have quick garbage pickup, they don’t really store their garbage anywhere but instead just have piles of garbage on the sidewalk. They also don’t have garbage cans on the sidewalk or in parks. Japan is the opposite. Very clean roads and parks, trash cans and recycling everywhere. VERY appreciated.

Things are much smaller

This is our hotel room.

It never felt too small just compact and efficient.  The two of us don’t need much space anyways for such a short trip! .Plus, the bed, oh the bed, was so wonderfully soft and welcoming compared to our hard mattress back in Korea.

Japan is expensive

Some of you may have heard this before, but the rumours are true, Japan is pricey! The pic below helps to explain.

Those are tiny travel sized containers of peanut butter for about $6.30. Peanut butter is expensive here too (about $6 for 500 grams) but this was outrageous!

They really do like their bikes!

Young people, business people and seniors, everyone rides bikes. Though now that I think of it, I don’t think I saw and kids riding bikes….

Thats it for now. More on Hiroshima later!


2 thoughts on “Our trip to 広島市 Hiroshima, Japan

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for following the blog! I am not sure where you are from, but I think you will enjoy the city. (and by that I mean, is your city/town splendidly clean and blue skied and beautiful too?) It is beautiful and the memorial park is particularily great. I look forward to seeing your take on the place on your blog!

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