Around… Hiroshima

From our time in Japan, here are a few items that are difficult-to-categorize (My first phrase of choice was ‘un-categorizable’ but apparently ‘that’s not a word’. Whatever spell check, whatever.)

First up: A beautiful park outside the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum:

With the biggest koi fish that we have ever seen:

These pics do not give them justice; I was a afraid of these things. (You may also notice a sneaky extra in that last photo).

Second and on the topic of nature:

I spoke of the only remaining building that was built pre 1945. Well, these are a few trees that also survived the blast.


We don’t normally talk about alcohol on the blog but these were really different. It was typical draft beer but they really held back on any kind of foamy head. That is, until they brought the beer to this frozen drink machine and gave our drink a healthy dose of frozen head. That is an actual icecream-like swirl on that beer made with slushy-ish beer! (Ya, I said ‘slushy-ish’, spell check be damned!)

Talk to you later!


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