Around Seoul: Dog and Cat Cafés

When you walk in all the dogs go nuts! They investigate and then go back to lying around or being pet.

On our way back to Osan from Hiroshima, we stopped in 홍대 Hongdae, an area in Seoul. They have a big university there so it has a very campus-y feel to it with lots of coffee shops (soooo many), and bars and little boutique style clothing stores. It reminded us a lot of the Strathcona/University area of Edmonton where we are from.

One reason we were attracted to the area: the animal cafes. Here you can visit a coffee shop where dogs and (in separate locations) cats lounge around. You can pet them, play with them, or simply exist in their presence; all of which Sandy and I needed.

Hairy legs AND nail polish? Who is that?

It’s tough not being able to have an animal when you want one and apparently this is the niche market that these cafés appeal to. If you do have a pet, you can bring them to the locations and have them socialize with other animals. I have even heard that there are some cafés that act as doggie daycares in that you leave your pet with them and they will take of it and there will be people to play and hang out with them, too.

Notice the shelves and cat walks (ha, literally) where the cats are free to roam and, if need be, get away from all the people.

The cafés we went to seemed to have animals owned by the place. They were all well taken care of with nice hair cuts and clean, brushed fur. My only concern was that the dogs seemed a little dehydrated as I didn’t see water dishes around and they all got very excited at my glass of water. Maybe they limit the water intake to limit the pee on the floor??

He was friendly and adorable. I want one!

Speaking of which, the dogs were somewhat trained to go poop and pee in one area off to the side but it wasn’t quite perfect. But, the staff kept the place clean with mops and while it did smell overwhelmingly like dog, it didn’t smell like a doggie bathroom. As for the cats, I can only assume that they had litter boxes out of sight.

At the dog café, when you were ready to go you gave your bill to the golden retriever and it would bring it up to the front, put his big paws up on a half door and give it to the woman who worked the register! So cute!

Pass him the bill and he will bring it up to the front!


4 thoughts on “Around Seoul: Dog and Cat Cafés

  1. where is this? Do you have directions or the location? I would like to bring my dog to a doggie cafe to get her socialized 🙂

    • Hi Jessica!
      You know, I can’t find a map to describe where it was! Originally we wanted to go to Bau House (a different dog cafe) but couldnt find it and stumbled upon this one!
      I’m sorry I can’t be of more help. It has been a while now since we were there and most maps on Google, etc., are in Korean (which I dont speak/read). Eek! Sorry!!

      There are a lot of reviews on Bau House so I suggest you google that. Then maybe you will find it, or this place! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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