Chuseok, T&S Style

So, last post I told you a little about what it is like around Chuseok. Now, I would like to share what WE got up to during the break

We went to Lotte World!

Oh, we had so much fun! I felt like a kid! I was practically running one way and then another saying, ‘we can do this and then we can do that, and this, then that, and OH we have to do this, too!!!!’.

It is, apparently, the largest indoor amusement park in the world (I think Galaxy Land in West Edmonton Mall is next) but there is a whole other section outside! It was great.

One major plus was that we went on Chuseok which meant that it was empty. Don’t get me wrong, it was still busy, but relatively speaking, it was dead! We also got a huge discount because of the foreigner special they have over Chuseok (I would assume so they can draw in their most likely customers during the holiday). Normally, you would pay about $80 (CAD) for the two of us, but we ended up getting in for $30 (CAD)!!

The theme was Halloween and so there were decorations everywhere.

There was also a parade with floats, actors, mascots and dancers. Their costumes all had lights, it was pretty cool as far as a parade goes.

We went on a lot of rides because the lines were really not that long. This was our favourite.

I loved it because 1. it was a roller-coaster… obviously my favourite. 2. something new for me was that it came to a stop halfway through the ride then started up another big hill and continued on with the excitement. It was great! It made it feel like two separate rides. The excitement/fear built again as you went up another hill! and yet somehow it didn’t slow down the experience, just gave you a pause for breath. Nicely done Lotte World.

Speaking of which, I should make a quick note about the name of the place. Lotte is a company that has their fingers in many things in Korea. There is the grocery/department store, a McDonald’s type chain called Lotteria, as well as sports teams and food manufacturers. A BIG conglomerate company in South Korea. Check out the ridiculousness of their reach here. Anyways, this is one of many of their projects.

Finally, I should mention that we stayed at Lotte Hotel World, a very snazzy hotel that normally we could never afford! But, again, there were ridiculous deals to be found on-line so we decided to give it a shot. Oh my was it nice. (Only the Four Seasons in Amman, Jordan tops this on my scales! But that’s a whole other story!) I was amazed by the interesting in-room options they provided:

In the drawer by the bed you will find a New Testament (pretty standard in Canada), The Teaching of Buddha (very cool to see), and The Sorrows of Young Werther (what the? what? they give you boring literature to read so you can fall asleep?) which includes a story of where the name Lotte comes from. Lastly, you can see a Pillow Menu. That’s right. You can choose from over 15 different types of pillows. All for your comfort.

For all your business needs! Need paper clips? a highlighter? a stapler? staples for your stapler? Lotte Hotel World has your needs covered!
What’s that? you need a phone while in town? Pick it up off the charger and you are ready to go. All incoming local calls are free.

All in all, we had a great time. It was fun to feel like a kid as well as to get some good relaxation in!