Happy December 25th!

Tracy with Santa

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. To everyone else, we hope you are happy and healthy this entire holiday season and in the New Year too!

Christmas with the kids


A Korean Wedding

A couple of weekends ago we had the chance to see a Korean wedding. It was a great experience and one of those things we can check off our list of things to see and do in Korea.

What it was like:

The ceremony: it was a beautiful room! It was at a Wedding Hall Centre where all they do is weddings. There is an area off the room where the ceremony will be where the bride sits for pictures with the guests before the wedding. They do not do the ‘hide-the-bride-till-the-walking-down-the-isle’ thing. The wedding is very casual. People were not dressed differently than they would normally be dressed and there was quite a lot of socially acceptable talking going on during the ceremony.

The dress: there were 3 or 4 dresses between the photos that were taken weeks before and the dress worn the day of. There was also Korean Hanbok they wore after the wedding. But I think the most important: besides the Hanbok, all the dresses were rental!! Why don’t we do this in Canada!! She was able to have different dresses at a very reasonable price (much, much, much cheaper than buying one dress).

The cake: it was big and white…. but, it was really frickin’ tall!! and they cut the cake from the very top to the very bottom which was cool. There was also a champagne tower which was a nice addition. Something different: both were equiped with fog machines.



The food: after the ceremony you take the coupon you were given when you handed in your gift (the gift is normally money and this goes to the Brides Family in order to pay for the wedding, not to the couple) and head to the dinning room where there is a big delicious buffett. There were guests from the other weddings there as its a communal area and you ate before the couple came to the room.

The dancing: there was none. After you ate and the cake was cut (I didn’t see anyone touch the cake or champagne tower), you went home!

A different version of a similar tradition. Works for me!

Job World: The Day in the Life of a Kinder Kid

Last month, on our monthly field trip day, we went to Job World (website is all Korean). Think of a big science centre but instead of seeing cool science experiments, kids can try out a career!

Our group ventured to the kids floor (their is a teen area as well) which was an immense room with a central  area that had a second floor but was otherwise a wide and tall warehouse.  Kids had the opportunity to try out a career at a: supermarket, auto service station, construction site, social welfare centre, restaurant, graffiti studio, hair salon, dressmaker’s shop, recording studio, performing arts school, magician’s school, dinosaur camp, bioengineering research instititue, robotics research institute, animation studio, interior design studio, operating room, nursery, dental clinic, and much, much more!

How it works: kids pick a career they want to try and step into a kids only space with staff who get them dressed up in the applicable costume/uniform and perform the best parts of the different jobs. They spend about 40 min per stop. Sandy and I want to share the experience of one of our students who had a rockin’ day!

1st Career: Firefighter

Job world fire station

They got to ride a tiny firetruck and then ‘put out’ a fire (a poster with lights behind it that they sprayed water at).IMG_20121115_095836

2nd Career: Korea Restaurant

They made some traditional snacks.

(sorry no pic)

3rd Career: Letter Carrier

Job World Post Office

He got to deliver a package to one of the near by ‘restaurants’ (I missed it! and like a parent, I was kicking myself for the rest of the day!)

4th Career: Astronaut

space man Jun

The cutest photo ever!

Do we have a centre like this in Canada? It was amazing!