Around Osan: Sweeties

A nice grocery store find:

Sweetie Grapefruits

Fruit is so expensive here and these were 2 for 1 so I was able to get $8 of these bad boys for $8. I figured, they look like green grapefruit…I like grapefruit….what do I have to lose?

Turns out these are called “sweeties” or “oroblancos” and they are a cross between grapefruits and pomelos.

They are the size of a large grapefruit but have very thick porous skin so that the size of the fruit inside is much smaller.

Oroblanco size before and after

The flesh is a yellow-y colour. The way Sandy and I would describe it is a mild taste of orange with the sour/bitter (me: delicious, Sandy: horrific) taste of a grapefruit.

Food adventure #6282 deemed: Me — Successful!! Sandy — Unfortunate.