Around Osan

Here are some quick hits from around Osan:

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Lily flower/coffee shop we go to.

It’s nice on a day when you have been inside for hours and hours and you can take a walk to the store and it smells deliciously of flowers and plants. Mmmm, I like when the inside smells like the outside!

Suspiciously, however, ALL the plants I buy from there die. And that’s like 4 plants! What’s up Lily? What IS up?

One day on our way to said coffee shop we saw these two friends.

A bird mid-flight. And. A praying mantis! And this is no regular mantis! The coolest thing ever was seeing him fight off this BIRD. He raised his arms and unfolded his wings and stood tall and stared that bird down. The bird kinda hopped from one side to another, a little confused at his desire to eat something that was fighting back, but the mantis turned with him. I think the bird was about to go for it when we walked a bit close and the bird took off. I was like, Yes! score one for the ‘little guys’ and then… he was squished by a car…. I feel a little responsible… sorry guy…

Lastly, a little while ago we took a walk down by the river and although it was grey, it was pretty. Nice and green. No valley with this river, though! It’s pretty flat!

On our way home we stopped in a park and noticed these lovely ladies.

I was impressed to see such bootylicious women considering how small and skinny most women are here. It’s great that these gals are in the park and perhaps they will get kids thinking that there are people that come of all shapes and sizes!

Well, I hope that gives you an idea of what we generally see walking around Osan.


청계천 Cheonggyecheon

In downtown Seoul, there runs a large stream that was once covered in concrete but has since been revitalised into a park. It is really gorgeous and such a unique juxtaposition of city and natural settings. As you can read in Wikipedia, there was hesitancy among many inhabitants of Seoul for the project but the place has since become popular among locals and tourists. I am thankful for the project. It was really wonderful.

They had some features from Buddha’s birthday festivities still up so we were able to see those too.

On the walls there were tiles depicting an emense royal procession.

Aside from the quick downturn in the weather – it went from clear sky to dark black with rain in the matter of 30 min – it was a wonderful walk in downtown Seoul.


Sunday in 강남구 Gangnam

Saturday night we went to a Meetup Korea event, a place to meet people – foreign and Korean – in this area of the country. Had a lot of fun!

Sunday we enjoyed a leisurely morning. We wanted to check out the shopping so walked down the famous 테헤란로 Teheran Boulevard, one of the busiest roads in South Korea.















Apart from the street itself and all the people, there were a number of other great things that caught our eye. There were a couple of really cool looking buildings. Here is one I got on camera as well as some street-side art.













That’s it for now!

April Field Trip to Youngun Museum of Gwangju

Last week, we headed out with our hogwan to the Youngun Museum of Gwangju for a field trip. When we arrived, the kids and the teachers painted water glasses we would later take home. Next was playing outside on the grounds and lunch on the grass. After lunch, we had a tour of the small facilities before we headed home.

If you are wondering, and I am sure you are, here is how our water glasses turned out: