Anyang Halla Hockey!

Just in time for the end of the lock out, Sandy and I went to a hockey game in Anyang! Team Halla (halla!) vs. a Japanese teams whose name I can’t remember. Whoops.It was great fun!!

Korea is part of the Asian Hockey League with teams from Japan and China. But, hockey is not very big here. Case and point: look at the size of this professional hockey league areana:

Halla Hockey Anyang Korea

You could actually count, by hand, the number of people there. You could introduce yourself to all of them if you wanted to, too!

It was great fun, though! Get your long johns (no indoor heating), pay $8 for a ticket, bring in a beer from the convience store and watch three periods of hockey. The crowd was pretty good especially in our section because there were many foreigners who were quite excited to see hockey! But not as excited as the official cheer section you see at all pro sport games:

On the upper left you can see the cheer section of hardcore fans

People in these sections dress up in colours/jerseys and cheer to their fullest. Its fun to see them do all the chants perfectly. It would be amazing to see this at an NHL game!


As an added bonus to this post I want to do a quick hit on something we saw after the game: a beer glass made of ice.

The beer glass made of ice!

The beer glass made of ice!

Spectacular. Okay, maybe it doesn’t look spectacular… it just looks like a frosty mug doesn’t it? Well, I can assure you that the white frosty part it is ice! Within the ice mold fits a plastic sleeve to protect your beer from becoming watered down.King of Pirates Bar Ice Beer Glass secret

Then the ice fits into a platic base with a handle. Wallah! So icy cold and delicious.

But what do you do with it when it is empty? You throw it at a wall of course! No Joke! Hit the target and win a prize!

King of Pirates Bar Ice Beer Glass wall target

If you are looking to check out King of Pirates, it is in Sanbon, across from the subway station of the same name in Gunpo just south of Seoul. Check out this website for a bit more info.