When in Osan Update

We have to apologize for the delays in postings the last few months but as of today we have a slightly altered schedule that will allow for more time for the blog. (Seemingly contradicting facts: as of today we are working more hours AND we will be dedicating more time for blogging. It’s a long story!)

For now, enjoy a picture of my birthday cake!

Tay Tayo! Tay Tayo!


This Week’s Adventure: The Cold!

No big weekend adventure this week. Came down with a sore throat out of the blue early Friday morning. There has been a cold/flu illness going around the foreigner teachers (which includes a lovely fever), so I was concerned it might be that. But after two relaxing days of rest, it feels like your run of the mill cold. Thank god. On Saturday, when we weren’t sure of how severe the illness would get, Sandy headed off to the pharmacy and had a few things recommended.


Came back with three items: lozenges, syrup and mystery pills (which we think may be herbal) for a total of 11500 won (the lozenges coming in at 7000 won, taking up most of that). Thank god for those lozenges and all their throat numbing goodness. Cough syrup tasted like that basic cough syrup-y taste along with a heavy dose of vanilla flavoured sugar. No worse, no better I think.

Hopefully, I don’t transmit my cold to too many people – Sandy, the office or my kids!

Hope you had a nice Easter to those who were celebrating it!